Understand The Background Of Live Naturally Now

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Heal us and that’s what we’ve been talking about a lot that most of us need healing not only in our bodies but in our souls in our minds and when I’ve been thinking about all the wisdom from the past how much wisdom there is there about how to manage in the natural world how to look after yourself how to best time to take supplements make heat how to get water how to look after the soil all this wisdom and also all the natural health how to tend to your body how to look after your body and also how to live together with other humans.

All this wisdom it’s like it it’s long it’s just gone and man is in a really horrific state but all this wisdom is there a beautiful bird of prey all the wisdom is there and we can find it and when you start moving towards nature you change your life so that you get closer to nature and you start practicing producing your own of food and doing things in more natural ways you learn as you go and of course wherever you live in the world there will be differences so how you do in South Africa will be different.

To how you do in North America or in Europe so there’s that the wisdom of the land and I really think that and we’re going to we’re going Recipe Magazine to get to live in such beautiful ways as natural human beings and and we’re not just going to return to to a hard lifestyle where we get up in the morning just struggle to survive I think we’re going to live very very exciting and satisfying lives because there’s lots to do and there’s and human beings we need stimulation but the simulation.

we’re getting today is the wrong stimulation it’s not a healthy stimulation but there is lots. because I’m still learning but what I’ve learn I’d like to share with you because having a cow is just very special and so the cow can help gusto return to nature in so many different ways and not only keep us alive but actually also.