Things That Make You Love And Hate Science Technology

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Complex machine sand there’s some of the oldest tech that we inherit as mammals the first fossil evidence for proton brain structures were found in worms over million year sago the first brains were effectively invented by evolution just to keep things running properly it may not seem like it at first glance but Hearts lungs muscles digestive systems these things all need to be carefully.

Monitored and controlled plants don’t need brains because their systems are less complex and more automated but when you work infusing oxygen to metabolize sugars to move muscles things get real complex really quickly and you can’t just rel yon the structure of the cells themselves to maintain them this proton brain eventually evolves into the systemically with the hippo campus and Alameda.

which is capable of handling spatial learning in fear avoidance which is huge asset in a biological system this is more or less what most animal son the earth have with huge diversity from species to species and arranged in slightly different ways but when you get closer to mammals you start getting your cerebral cortex which is capable of higher-level thinking and pattern recognition and the cortex.

which is exclusive to mammals and is a freakishness some get a lot of credit in human evolution but it’s our massiveness’s that allow us to store vast amounts of interwoven patterns that put-every other animal to shame look at how.