Things You Didn’t Know About Mexican Restaurant In Omaha

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I just say there’s burritos very juicy I don’t know if you guys like soft burritos or hard burritos I like loaded in juicy burritos this one’s very juicy oh well can we try this white stuff okay I thin kit’s like on some kind of cheese sour cream oh my go doh yeah sorry Mohave like corn in my tradespeople here we goo juicy this is amazing make sure my double chins not showing Want them up it’s been growing they reads much salty taste is just balloons but you know what Portland when I was he again.

It was very balloon like yeah well you went through a snake oh yeah I look like Professor Snapper to favorite silver moon achieve um libretto yes so juicy let me try another one I think they’re all the same okay here’s the taco has the chicken on the other side I’m going to give it in this picot well certainly ship our mainframe won’t recommend people to help hmm very fresh you guys like people regarding fresh is expand yin cilantro tomato make the mime – with the avocado. Morita though very full very full they were nonthinking you get your money for it how much was not like Best Fast Food Mexican a traditionalism yeah okay who that burrito is so probably.

suppression like right now if you like Mexico juice yeah okay this one has the sour cream and cheesecloth shall go this is like Mexican Restaurant in Omaha a high muffling table you look like a hungry face I don’t know if you guys heard but the owner walked by he’s like what’s your channel then I told them the avocado Boyce Hickok Otto sometimes it’s hard to understand and it’s worst well now listen you guy sin Spanish my name is Nico Nico it’s short for Nikolas that’s my real name and that’s how I got the name Nico avocado when you separate like that’s easy to spell idea Nico readout we say it real fast or someone.

who doesn’t know the spelling or whatever I’m teasing until I just say avocado boy who the burritos Hogan very very good and we have fresh clean Matthew’s overthrew are dealing with now I’m not doing much talking today just mountain thereabout look like it’s gonna rain but luckily it’s not raining I’m down to the last Creoles.