How to Master Senior Living Options in 6 Simple Steps

Cliches About Senior Living You Should Avoid

I was going, however, I was able to put a destination in  my GPS system you know and it took me right There step by step and it is amazing how the lady talks to you the fact I use mine so much I call the Sabrina a real person named big artist Brendan wish where do I go and she breaks It down step by step and every time I’m successful in pursuing destination because I did my GPS well.

Senior Living

I changed what GPS means I want to be your GPS I want to hit I want to help you get profit able sooner how you like that how would like to have me as your GPS helping you get profitable sooner not just open the business but make it profitable so today I’m going to give you just a little glimpse of what’s required to get this thing going right so.

The Anatomy of a Great Senior Living

I have four categories for things that have to run simultaneously to get your assisted living facility opening and running and operating  all right we’re gonna break them down number one you got to get the-CEO simply means certificate of occupation whatever property that you’re going to use whatever house that you’re going to have your facility in you have to get the seal you have to get certificate of occupation see.

I can perceive and that gets you into the facility senior living options now that alone have quite a few things that have to happen you know you have to have zoning have their inspection you have that health department have their inspection you have to have the fire department have their inspection you have to have.