Make Your Packs of School Supplies A Reality

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Clear by Jimmy peace at YouTube Wowsee you tomorrow YouTubetime do what you’re gonna do and just smile who joins us that you do what you go, guys it’s Sara welcome back to my channel I am so excited today because today I have my very first back-to-school meteor and I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long I ‘ve honestly got so many back to school video played all get excited today back to school video is a DIY video and the DIYs are so awesome so if you do enjoy this video make sure to subscribe to my channel but don’t you subscribe for that reason and subscribe because.

I have a giveaway packs of school supplies coming up soon I’m so excited to show you guys what I got for you but hopefully guys do enjoy the video and before we get into it I want actually guys a quick question I want to know when you go back to school comment down below letting me know what date you go back to school I know some people in Australia have gone back to school this week and then people on the other side of the world go back in like August and September so comment down below right here when you go back but without energy let’s just get into the video so the very first DIY that we’re going to be making is pencil gaiters so are you going to be some fabrics and zippers these are only like two dollars each and you’re also going to need some hot glued with a hot glue stick so the first thing you’re going to want to do is to measure up your piece of fabric so you just place your zipper along.

the fabric and you ‘re going to measure about a centimeter on either side of the zipper and then I ‘ve got my piece of fabric folded over because that is how deep my pencil cases going to be so once I’ve done that I can go ahead and just like trace out a line so.