Important Facts That You Should Know About Mocha Coffee

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Foods you know market.Let’s first harvest one of these cacaos man. Let’s check it out. So you could seethe cacaos on the tree they’re still green. These ones are really small and then now thesis a ripe one. Nice really good rich color.So here’s the cacao we just harvested so Jeremy tell us about the cacao and you know when you learned about it and when you started to you know introduce it into the raw foods community.Jeremy Well I had seen them here in Hawaii kind of people had them growing you know allover the place and nobody ate them nobody knew what to do with it and then someone had showed me about the fruit eating.

The fruit off of it, and then I started getting interested more and more saying hey people really want this. People are really excited about this.You know it’s a really up and coming thing that people were like talking about. Oh the one thing they still ate, they’re all raw, but they still ate chocolate. And I said oh why can’t we do chocolate raw? I mean everything else is easily done raw. Why can’t we do this? And so I started finding the beans a little bit here and then I was looking fora better source so I could share them with people and I had gone to the natural food expo. People were mocha coffee there and they would have like their displays.

Of like beans and cacao nibs Seedbed like John Yeah I remember that man Jeremy give me the beans. Right I was like I don’t want the chocolate that you made into something I just wanted the raw bean. And I started getting into it, started turning people onto it, even you know other raw foists had come here to the islands and they had heard about this and so we started harvesting hundreds of these pods and sharing them with people. And the thing that’s beneficially about it, is what they call bromine the plant itself is bromine cacao.

And the membrane that coats around each of the seed sis a concentrated form of bromine. And so many people you know think about the seed and think that the seed has a lot of bromine too but it barely has any at all. In fact any that there is is just remnants mostly.