Fatigue An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

supplements to help with adrenal fatigue

Your adrenals will be pumping again and you’ll notice that you won’t have as much fatigue the sex drive will come back and your overall levels of motivation will begin to prosper again as always thanks for keeping it locked in here on my videos.

I will see you in the next one day and today I’m gonna be sharing with you an update on my adrenal fatigue and what I’ve learned from it so the way that I experienced adrenal fatigue is in that my body did not produce enough cortisol.

There is a moment where it was fighting to produce a little bit but in not producing enough the body is in a depleted completely stressed anxious and exhausted state of being it basically feels like running out of blood sugar all the time slightly not just slightly lightheaded slightly.

About to pass out and kind of feeling like you’re dragging around a ton of bricks all the time physical and emotional resilience is down immunity is down and it’s really hard to have enough oomph without feeling like the negative repercussions or the amount of recovery period.

That you have is sufficient enough to completely recover so cortisol is a very important hormone we’ve all at least heard of it and most often it’s called the stress hormone but cortisol is actually important because it not only helps deliver nutrients into the cells.

It helps regulate your blood sugars from dipping too far down we all know that insulin is what keeps the blood sugars from dipping too far up but what happens when it comes tumbling down cortisol.

Comes in to pick it up and help regulate so they have this little dance or this balance that helps regulate the blood Sugar’s well if you don’t have enough cortisol to pull the blood sugars up and to deliver the nutrients within your cells you’re actually not receiving those nutrients or the energy.

That you need to function optimally and if you’ve ever had extreme levels of cortisol depletion or you don’t make cortisol altogether you’re gonna know exactly what I’m talking about it feels like you have to work a hundred times harder to be able to function like a normal human being to just like walk up the stairs or pick up something heavy it’s exhausting of course over a long period of time this hormone deficiency causes greater imbalance.

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